True Love brings a peaceful state of mind that attracts success in all aspects of your life. When partners are satisfied with their love making, then…
1. They will enjoy good food and drinks
2. They will think of better ideas to make money
3. They both will progress in life prosperously
4. There will be no obstacles to their progress
5. Enemies will not be able to overcome them, they will see thru them
6. Both of you will have more respect for God and the Universe
7. Two heads when working together will make you both wealthy
8. None of you will look for other lovers because all needs are fulfilled
9. Family life will progress…you will be the envy of others
10. Good children will be born from this joyous relationship
11. And more
Can you imagine the domino effect of your True Love? The good children will achieve high standards in school, become doctors, engineers, etc. eventually making the universe progress positively. If this happiness from your true love has a domino effect on your grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, then imagine how you as a couple have changed the whole Universe. Won’t that make even the gods happy? Won’t the Universe bless your family line forever with long life, health and happiness and only prosperity within the family?

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When incapacity of sexual relations arises between man and woman, feelings of contempt and indifference are felt toward each other. In this connection, with regard to impotence, Vatsyana, the author of the Kama Sutra explains by what means desire and excitation can be awakened and increased.
When a man’s sexual power diminishes and copulation is no longer possible, his wife, dissatisfied, becomes alienated from him. Women who, under such circumstances, repress their intense desire for enjoyment, often become ill as a result. They catch diseases such as epilepsy and fainting fits, and their nature becomes unstable. It is a women’s nature to dissimulate their feelings and repress them. By nature, women always appear to be serious. Unlike men, they are not enterprising and animated.
In copulation, a man remains active from start to finish. This is why, compared to a woman, he is satisfied and ejaculates more quickly. Not being satisfied due to this over rapid ejaculation, the woman remains frustrated, unsatisfied, and discontented and, gradually, problems of health make their appearance. Thus is that life together becomes cheerless and quarrels arise.
In order to give some spice into the life of a couple that has become dreary and dull, and to bring back passion, the authors of the works of the Kama Shastra have illustrated highly efficacious means in such texts as the Kama Sutra, the Ratirahasya, the Ananga Ranga, the Nagarasarvasva, and so on. The said methods are described very clearly, and form a practical point of view.
Vatsyana, in this connection, says something essential: a man who ejaculates prematurely should, using some artificial object, excite and moisten a sensual woman prior to copulation. In so doing, both man and women experience a simultaneous enjoyment and both are satisfied.
In the Kama Sutra, Vatsyana explains the point at which the waxing of the moon is to be found in a women, and in which place her eroticism is seated according to the days of the moon. This is the principle of the phases of the moon. If this principle is understood, one knows which part of a women’s body to press in order to make her immediately excited and begin to moisten. Apart from the phases of the moon, a woman’s body contains sensitive points that, when touched, make her moisten rapidly. Beside these physical aspects and apart from psychological means, there are also remedies for subjugating. Such remedies, which bewitch and subjugate, have been described in the chapter on occult means. Medical treatises, however, also contain numerous remedies for this purpose.

How would you like to know if the person you are dating would be an excellent sexual partner ahead of time? Would it not be interesting to know if your partner was as sexually energetic as you? Would it not be great if you can tell which day love making would be more enjoyable for you? Would it not be great if you can explain why your sexual session with your partner was a failure the other day? How about if you knew exactly all the best ways to satisfy your partner sexually; then the marriage will be a guaranteed success! How about a science that can explain all your sexual problems and cure them without the need for Viagra-like medicines or oral contraceptives?
SEX is one of the greatest pleasures of life, sought by all. People pay the most money for sex, kill for sex, and some go insane as a result of sexual desires. That ONE minute of orgasm makes a human experience what it is like to be “ONE WITH THE UNIVERSE” at that moment. This moment of extreme blissful pleasure cannot be described in words, you can only experience it. Yet it is this very blissful moment that makes us want to procreate and reproduce, guaranteeing the continuity of the Human race and the Universe thereof.
The Ancient Sages of India and the Far East knew the importance of this blissful orgasm and so developed meditation and spiritual techniques that will enhance that orgasmic moment to last as long as possible. In my research I have discovered meditation techniques developed by the ancient sages that make such an orgasmic moment last for hours and hours. I will discuss in later chapters this information.
MARRIAGE is such a sacred and important institution upon which all of societies rest. Two people do not “just get married”…the reasons are love, sexual pleasure, creating a next generation of humans, building the world together and so on. Each time this happens the whole universe rearranges itself to match that couple’s life. Marrying two people is like marrying two families, two generations, two villages, two states and two worlds. A marriage can create tremendous changes with a family, such as death, sickness, gain of wealth and more. In this book I will show you how to choose your marriage partner carefully for maximum happiness in marriage and sexuality. Even if you are already married, this book will show you how to enhance your love and sexual life.
In my experience with over 30,000 clients and over 20,000 couples I have been able to experience the handling of sexual problems among a great number of couples. As a result of intense research in this area, I have been able to observe that many people who have been divorced or separated experienced sexual problems as the main cause of their separation. It is also shown that if a couple has a satisfactory sexual relationship with each other divorce or separation does not become a factor in their life. After pondering this fact that “successful lovemaking “ contributes as much as 75% to a successful marriage life I have realized that many humans need to understand that if they know more about their own sexuality and their partner’s then their love life and marriage life would be more successful.
It is important that we also know that most of our sexual problems are created as we grow. Lots of the childhood sexual experiences that affect us as we grow up through puberty and our teenage years create our sexual fears and inhibitions. Childhood sexual abuse plays a major part in the causes of bad sexual partners, divorces and separation. This kind of early sexual abuse is a major cause for teenage children to become homosexuals. Rapes and forced sexual experiences are karmic in nature and pass down the generation line and create incest among family members which create more problems for marriage later. In this book, I hope to explain all these; so that it may help individuals find out the answers as to why they suffer sexually in their love life.
It is important to note that there are many sexual advisory books in the market starting with the oldest of all sexual Bibles: “The Kama Sutra” of the ancient Aryans, “The Perfume Garden “of the Egyptians and so on. WHAT MAKES THIS BOOK DIFFERENT is that this book not only incorporates the science of those great epics, but it also uses the Vedic Code of Science where the person’s individual karma is matched against the partner’s karma so that the negative effects can be eliminated and the positive effects of the couple can be maximized so that they can please and enjoyed each other equally in sexual stimulation, mental stimulation, physical stimulation, conversational stimulation, vocational stimulation and so on.
I aim to show also in this book that when there is a lack of sex, then severe spiritual and physical illness are generated as a result of building up of sexual energy. Each of us needs to understand that the underlying force behind Human Existence is the need for LOVE, SEX and PHYSICAL TOUCH. Lacking of this basic energy creates imbalance in our human body thus producing innumerable anomalies in our life. Remember LOVE is and equal force to GOD in our life. If missing in our life we experience quarrels, disagreements, separation, and increased loneliness, lack of good food, back pains, and prostate problems. Sexual problems can also come from unhealthy eating such as skin problems, yeast infections and herpes. I could go on and on, but the main idea is that everyone should enjoy the greatest sexual pleasure in a divine way!!!
With Great Love and Pleasure,
Swami Ram Charran

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